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What do you do if your son was arrested at his St. Johns County School or Florida possession of marijuana?  How can you help your daughter when she was give a ticket for Jacksonville petit theft at the St. Johns Town Center?  What if your child was arrested as a juvenile delinquent?  What about a Florida leaving the scene of an accident ticket in Nassau County?  An arrest and a criminal charge is a very stressful and trying situation for anyone to handle.  When a teenager is dealing with a juvenile criminal charge, it is even worse.  Children are not like adults.  They need special attention support from a Jacksonville juvenile lawyer.

Juvenile Criminal Attorney

Duval County Attorney

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It does not take a doctor to tell you that children and teenagers are not adults.  They do not act like adults.  Their brains do not function the same way.  Middle school and high school students act on impulse and do not address problems the same way that adults do.  We make mistakes as children.  We learn from them and become productive adults.  A juvenile criminal charge should not stop a child from achieving his or her dreams in the future.

Juveniles should not be treated like adults under Florida’s criminal laws.  Florida law takes this into account.  Duval, Clay, Nassau, and St. Johns juvenile courts should do the same. Under the Florida Criminal Punishment Code 921.002, the primary goal of a criminal sentence for adults is to punish the defendant for committing a crime.  If an adult criminal defendant has been charged with Jacksonville burglary to a conveyance in Duval County, the main goal is to punish the person for committing the burglary offense.  Rehabilitating the criminal defendant is secondary to punishment.

Florida juvenile laws are different.  This difference can be found in Florida Statute Section 985.02.  This Florida law states that the juvenile justice system is meant protect the community from crime, but rehabilitation is still very important.  Rehabilitating our community’s children needs to be a high priority.  With this law, the Florida juvenile justice system considers it a high priority to prevent and reduce juvenile crimes.  If a juvenile is arrested in St. Johns County for Florida grand theft, the court needs to try to rehabilitate the child.  If the youth is rehabilitated, he or she will be less likely to break a Florida theft law in the future.

Florida Law for Juveniles

Florida’s juvenile justice system must implement programs that do the following under the law:

1. Focus on strengthening the family and allowing children to stay at home in lieu, instead of in county juvenile detention centers.
2. Divert children from the courtroom and into an intervention or diversion program.
3. Provide rehabilitative treatment to juvenile criminal defendants.

Are looking for a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer to help your child?  Ask your Jacksonville criminal attorney about his or her experience.  Does your Jacksonville criminal lawyer have trial experience?  Does your Duval County lawyer or Clay County attorney know how to handle juvenile cases in Northeast Florida?  You want to be sure to that you are approaching your teenager’s case properly.  You want to dispose of the case in a manner that you can seal or expunge the Florida criminal record later, if you choose.

Find St. Johns Juvenile Attorney

Your child can speak with a Florida juvenile defense attorney at 20 Miles Law.

Call a Jacksonville Lawyer for Juveniles

If you child has been arrested in Northeast Florida, get help.  You may contact a Jacksonville lawyer for your child at 20 Miles Law.  Feel free to talk to a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer at (904) 564-2525 or click on Contact Lawyers to send an email.  You may be wondering “How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost for a Florida Juvenile Case?”  Every case is different, so feel free to call 20 Miles Law and ask to speak with a Jacksonville juvenile criminal defense lawyer.



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