Arrested on Memorial Day in Jacksonville FL

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone.  It is the holiday that kicks off the summer.  With the celebrations, arrests do occur.  There was an increase in police presence for safety reasons in Jacksonville FL.  Last Memorial Day, a huge brawl occurred in Jacksonville Beach FL (Read Battery and Fighting in Jacksonville Beach Memorial Day Brawl for more information about this story).  Fox 30 News reported on the steps that the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office was taking to prevent anything like this from occurring again:

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Jacksonville FL Memorial Day

“Police and city leaders are taking extra precautions to prevent another violent fight from breaking out during Memorial Day celebrations. First comes the verbal warning. ‘If you come out here with trouble and foolishness, you’re going to jail,’ said Jacksonville City Council member Reginald Brown. The next warning comes from police, who had Lonnie Miller Park on the Northside surrounded. This was after learning possible gang activity could be unfolding at a family-friendly Memorial Day event. ‘We got intel that things were going to go other places like here,’ said Ivan Brown.”

It appears that Memorial Day was an overall safe weekend, but that does not mean that people were not arrested.  During a holiday weekend surrounded by parties, I am assuming that there were certain types of arrests.  Police were patrolling the streets, so there were likely Jacksonville driving under the influence arrests.  Teenagers and college students may have been given a citation for possession of alcohol by a minor in Jacksonville.  People may have been caught with marijuana and charged with Florida possession of cannabis.  Many people were at the malls, so police may have issued tickets for petit theft in Jacksonville.  If you were arrested or given a notice to appear citation, speak with a Jacksonville criminal lawyer about your defenses and options.  Call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 to talk to a lawyer in Jacksonville about your case.  Even if the charge seems minor, it may be more serious than you think.

Memorial Day weekend is also a weekend were many people are issued Florida speeding tickets due to the fact that there are a lot of people on the roads and extra police officers monitoring the highways and interstates.  If you were issued a speeding or traffic ticket in Jacksonville or the surrounding cities, you may want to contact a Jacksonville drivers license attorney.  A moving violation may cause you to receive points on your drivers license.  You want to prevent this.


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