Juveniles Arrested for Vandalism Suspected for Burglary in Atlantic Beach FL

Juvenile Attorney

Burglaries in Atlantic and Neptune Beach

I recently read an article on News4jax.com about a string of burglaries in Atlantic Beach FL.  The burglaries occurred in December and the police are still investigating the crimes.  It appears that “gifts, jewelry and guns were stolen in 10 separate thefts, and some cars were also vandalized.”  Police have stated that “it’s clear minors were involved in some cases, and some have been arrested.”  Atlantic Beach Commander, Tiffany Larson said, “Our detectives are working the investigations. They have made a couple of arrests and hopefully will make a couple more.”  They have arrested juveniles that were allegedly involved in the vandalism.  They may be facing Florida criminal mischief charges in Jacksonville juvenile delinquent court.

As I Jacksonville juvenile lawyer, I worry about the predicament that these children are in.  Are they talking to police without a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney present?  Although they have only been accused of committing vandalism in Florida, I am sure police believe that they had something to do with the burglaries.  In fact, the news article stated “Those arrested are juveniles who have been involved in vandalism. Police are not sure if they were the ones involved in this more serious burglary where guns and jewelry have been taken. But police do know that this rash of burglaries has stopped since the first of the year.”  Larson also made a statement, “If anybody saw anything or knows anything, now that the kids are back in school, if you hear anything, we certainly want all of that information.”  Police have also stated that “Neptune Beach residents have also become victimized, and after some minors were arrested in those cases, the burglaries began to slow down.”  This shows that police suspect school children committed the burglaries.

If your child is being questioned about a Jacksonville burglary or vandalism, do not take this lightly.  In the Atlantic and Neptune Beach cases, these are not just burglaries.  Guns were stolen.  The Duval County state attorney’s office takes this very seriously.  Two residents reported stolen firearms.  Mike Wallace stated, “I came home and my side window was busted in…. I ran in the house to see if anyone was there. Notice that my PlayStation was taken, some Christmas presents, some jewelry and a firearm.”  Wallace also found out that his “neighbor’s house had been vandalized, and not far from him was another burglary where a gun was stolen from a school board police officer.”

If you are being questioned about a crime, contact a Jacksonville criminal lawyer for help.  If your child has been arrested, speak with a Jacksonville juvenile attorney.  Call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 to talk to a Jacksonville lawyer with experience.

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Juveniles Arrested for Vandalism Suspected for Burglary in Atlantic Beach FL — 54 Comments

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