Is it Expensive to Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Jacksonville FL?

Were you arrested for Florida Grand Theft in St Johns County?  Did you receive a notice to appear for Florida possession of marijuana in Clay County?  Is your child facing Jacksonville juvenile criminal charge in Duval County?  If so, you have probably thought about hiring a Jacksonville criminal attorney to defend the case.  One of the main questions that people have when hiring an attorney is “How Much is a Jacksonville Lawyer for a Criminal Case?”  You may be wondering if you can afford an attorney or if a lawyer will be too expensive.

The cost of a lawyer in Jacksonville will depend on the criminal charge or charges that you are facing.  Felony charges are more serious than misdemeanor charges.  That means that a felony attorney retainer is usually more than a misdemeanor case.  All other factors alike, a felony grand theft case is going to cost more than a petty theft.  A Jacksonville petty theft case is going to cost more than a Jacksonville traffic ticket.  This is obvious because of the severity of the charges.  There are some circumstances that may be different.  For example, a Jacksonville domestic battery case is a very serious misdemeanor charge.  So is a Jacksonville driving under the influence case.  Although these criminal charges are misdemeanors, they may end up costing more than a felony case.  For instance, a domestic violence case could easily cost more than a felony Florida habitual traffic offender driving on a suspended license case.

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If you want to know how much a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville FL will cost you, contact 20 Miles Law.  You may call (904) 564-2525 to speak with an attorney about your case.  The attorney will need to ask questions and learn certain things about your case to give you a price.  Everyone’s case is different.  Hiring an attorney is a very important decision.  Your case is probably the most important thing in your life right now.  You want to hire an Jacksonville criminal attorney that works well with you.  Talk to the lawyer and make sure that your questions are answered and that you feel good about your decision.

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