Tim Deegan Arrested for DUI in Jacksonville Florida

I wrote an article last week on the Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers website discussing the arrests that were likely going to occur over the weekend.  It was called Jacksonville Arrest During Georgia Florida Tailgate.  With Halloween and the Florida Georgia game in the same weekend, there were bound to be several arrests that were alcohol-related.  In particular, you can expect Jacksonville minor in possession of alcohol criminal citations at the tailgates.  You can expect Jacksonville disorderly intoxication arrests on Halloween and after the big game.  As you can imagine, there are also a lot of driving under the influence arrests in Jacksonville and Jax Beach.

Action News reported a DUI arrest in Jacksonville Beach.  I am sure that DUI arrests over the weekend were common and far from news worthy.  However, this DUI arrest was reported due to the defendant.  Tim Deegan was arrested in Jacksonville Beach.  He is the chief meteorologist for Channel 12.  The Action News article stated:

Jacksonville DUI Arrest

Tim Deegan, Jacksonville Beach FL

“According to the police report, chemical test results on Deegan showed a .181 on the first test and .179 on the second. The legal limit for blood alcohol content in Florida is .08. The tests, according to the report, were taken three hours after the initial traffic stop.  A police officer sitting in his marked patrol car said he saw a Jeep Wrangler roll through a 4-way stop at Beach Boulevard and 1st Street South at approximately 10 miles per hour, according to the police report. Officer R. Blalock initiated a traffic stop about 100 feet north of Beach Boulevard at 7:17 p.m.  Officer Blalock, according to the report, said Deegan rolled his window down halfway.  The officer noted Deegan’s eyes appeared red, watery and glassy. The officer also ‘smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle.’  The officer said Deegan slurred his words and the odor of an alcoholic beverage became stronger as he handed over his license.  Two additional officers arrived to assist with the investigation.  The police report showed Deegan asked to be taken to a nearby parking lot to continue the DUI investigation because he felt nervous due to the large crowd that had gathered.”

The police officers claim that “Deegan told police he drank two beers at a birthday party that afternoon and was on his way home after running errands.”  Deegan went to jail at 10:00 p.m., so I am assuming that he was given the breath test after that time.  Which means that the test is inconsistent with only having two beers in the afternoon.  This does not mean that he was not truthful.  There could have been something wrong with the machine.  There may be a DUI video that will shine more light onto the situation.  A piece of damaging evidence is that police claim that they “searched his car and found three empty Budweiser beer cans, one unopened can of beer in the passenger seat, and a half-empty 16-ounce beer, cold to the touch, resting in the driver console.”

Degeen will want to talk to a Jacksonville criminal attorney about his case if he has not already done so.  He needs to know his defenses and options.  Not only will he be handling a criminal case at the Duval County Court House, but he will also need to worry about a Florida drivers license suspension.


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