How to Run a Background Check in Florida?

If you want to run a criminal history check in Florida, you can do this through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  If you were arrested, you likely have a Florida criminal history.  This will show up if someone runs a background check on you.  The same is true if you were issued a notice to appear for a criminal case.  Although a notice to appear looks like a Jacksonville traffic ticket, it is not.  It is a criminal charge that will be on your record.  You may be able to seal or expunge your Florida record.  Whether or not you can expunge or seal your Florida record will depend on a variety of factors.  Contact a Jacksonville criminal lawyer for help sealing or expunging your record.  Call (904) 564-2525 to speak with a Jacksonville criminal attorney.

You can check your Florida criminal history online with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  They will charge you $24.00 as a fee.  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement describes the type of background check that it provides.  The website states:

Florida Background Check

The FDLE is a great resource for Florida criminal history checks.

“FDLE is the central repository of criminal history information for the State of Florida. This site allows you to perform a search of FDLE’s Computerized Criminal History (CCH) files which include State of Florida criminal history information only. FDLE’s CCH files are continuously updated to provide you with the most current information. The information you receive today, could be outdated tomorrow as additional arrests and related information are added. Sealed information is disseminated only to those agencies authorized by provisions in Section 943.059, F.S. and is not provided by this internet service. Expunged criminal history information is likewise not disseminated.  Juvenile criminal history information, not sealed or expunged, is disseminated only when the subject was taken into custody for an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult.”

It is important to note, that there are only certain agencies that will be able to see a sealed Florida criminal record.  If you have expunged your criminal record, only certain agencies will receive notice that the record has been expunged.

The FDLE sets forth the procedure for running a background check on yourself or someone else.  When you run a background check, be sure to pay attention to what you are clicking on.  If more than one person is returned after your search, do not click on all of them.  You will be charged $24.00 per person.  Be sure to click on the correct one.  The website clearly warns you:

“Review the possible matches individually, by evaluating all of the demographic information that is available. You should begin by looking at the complete name, sex, race, date of birth, SSN and any other identifiers that may be present, such as alias name, additional dates of birth or SSN, height, weight, eye, and hair color. Do not assume that the possible match will always be the first or second candidate. The Search Results Page displays the possible matches to the search criteria that you have entered. The result of the search could indicate that no record was found on the subject, that a single subject matched the search criteria, or that there were multiple possible matches. If there was no record found, there is no criminal history on file for the subject (based on the info provided). No additional charges apply beyond the $24 fee. If a single match occurred, the subject’s criminal history will be returned. No additional charges apply beyond the $24 fee. If more than one record matched the search criteria, you will be presented with a choice of up to five candidates that matched. You will then select the record(s) you would like to receive. The criminal record for one selected candidate is included in the $24 fee. Should you elect to receive records on more than one candidate, you will be charged an additional $24 for each candidate you select. When you get to the Select Candidates page, you may select the record(s) you would like to receive by clicking the “Display History” button next to the subject. Only subjects that are selected will be displayed once you click the ‘Display History’ button.”

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