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Jacksonville Juvenile Criminal Lawyer

Your child was arrested? If you are scared, imagine how he feels.

When your child is arrested, you are going through several different types of emotions.  You are angry with your child for getting arrested.  You are disappointed, because you know you raised him or her better than that.  You are confused.   At the same time, you feel sympathetic to your child.  You want to help your son or daughter during this time of need.  You feel lost, because you do not know what to do.  Now, imagine how your child must feel.  When a child is arrested for a Jacksonville juvenile crime, he or she is scared.  Your child needs help.   You are wondering Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer in Jacksonville FL?

I have represented children in Jacksonville juvenile delinquent court for a variety of reasons and types of crimes.  It is obvious that a felony charge is a serious crime.  If your child is arrested for Jacksonville burglary to a dwelling, you know that you cannot take this lightly.  What about a misdemeanor crime?  Misdemeanors are not as bad as felony charges, but they can still have a big impact on your child.  Your son or daughter may be applying for a private school.  He or she may want to go to college.  He or she may want to get a job or go into the military.  The way that the criminal case is handled can make a big difference.

If your child has been arrested in Duval, Clay, or St. Johns County, talk to a Jacksonville criminal lawyer at 20 Miles Law.  Call 904-564-2525.

I read an article on First Coast News today about a child being arrested for juvenile charges that seem to be minor.  The parents of this child should certainly speak with an attorney.  An arrest is an arrest.  The article stated:

“A 12-year-old from Stamford, Conn., was arrested on Tuesday after police say she continually bullied, taunted and harassed another student while at school.  Police said the victim’s parents contacted the department to report the bullying on Sept. 20. Both students attend a private middle school.  The bullying intensified while police and school administrators investigated, pushing the victim to make suicidal comments, according to police. Police said the pre-teen was charged with disorderly conduct and was released to the custody of her parents.”

I hope that the parents of this girl have talked to an attorney and are working on a defense and a resolution to this case.  I hope that the criminal justice system is not using a child to set an example.

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