How Do Habitual Traffic Offenders Get Florida Drivers Licenses?

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Drivers License for Habitual Traffic Offenders

How does a Florida habitual traffic offender end up with a valid driver license?  In some cases, the driver is eligible for a hardship license.  In other cases, the driver is not.  If you want to obtain a drivers license, you need to know why your license was suspended and why you were deemed a habitual traffic offender.  The most common reason for a Florida drivers license suspension is because you received three driving on a suspended license convictions within a five year period.  You may have paid a ticket after driving on a suspended license in Florida.  You may have been adjudicated guilty in court.  Regardless, you had three convictions within five years.  A Florida DUI conviction will also be used against you.  It is not as common, but you may be a habitual traffic offender, because you have 15 convictions for moving violations within five years.

If you want to get a valid drivers license, your lawyer needs to fix the convictions in the county in which they occurred.  If you have an old Florida ticket in Green Cove Springs that is causing you to be a habitual traffic offender, you need to talk to a Clay County attorney.  If you have a Jacksonville traffic ticket, you should talk to a Duval County lawyer.  If you have a suspended license charge in St. Augustine, speak with a St. Johns County lawyer.  It does not matter if you now live in another part of the state.  You need to get to the root of the problem.

Do not continue to drive without a valid drivers license.  You will only make things worse.  You will continue to be stopped by the police.  You could go to jail.  It will only make it harder and more expensive for you to get a license later on.  For a Florida drivers license attorney to fix your problem, she will need to know the reason for your suspension.  If you visit the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, you should obtain a copy of your driving record and ask for a copy of the letter that the DHSMV sent to you informing you of your HTO suspension.  If you give your Florida attorney this information, she will be better able to assess the situation.  Find out where you received past tickets.  Find out if you have any outstanding fees or court costs.  Even if you have the habitual traffic offender status lifted, you cannot get a drivers license if you have unpaid tickets, so you need to know all of this.

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