Westside Jacksonville Attempted Theft is Strong Arm Robbery

If you steal someone’s purse, you can be charge with a variety of crimes.  It depends on the circumstances.  Here are some different scenarios:

  1. A teenager takes a girl’s purse at school.  The value of the purse and its contents are $100.  The teen may be arrested for Jacksonville petty theft.  He or she will go to Jacksonville juvenile court for the misdemeanor charge.
  2. Use the same scenario above, but imagine that an IPhone was in the other student’s purse.  This would make the value of the purse more than $300, so he or she will be arrested for Jacksonville grand theft.  The student will now be facing a felony charge in Jacksonville juvenile court.  The value of the property taken in the Jacksonville theft case made the difference between grand theft and petty theft.  The Jacksonville Theft Law is in Florida Statute 812.014.
  3. A woman is at the mall.  A man walks by her and snatches her purse very quickly.  The man may be charged with robbery by sudden snatching.  This is normally a third degree felony.  It is not just a theft, like many people believe.
  4. Use the same scenario as above, but the woman puts up a fight and the man must use force to take the purse.  This is strong arm robbery.  Assuming that a weapon was not used, this is a second degree felony.

Here is a recent example in Duval County FL.  A man was arrested on the west side of Jacksonville for strong arm robbery on Sunday night.  Channel 4 News reported:

Jacksonville Grand Theft Attorney

Corey Bowman Arrested in Duval County FL

“Police were called to Rowe’s Supermarket in the 5400 block of Blanding Boulevard on the Westside about 8 p.m.  Toni Simmons said she was in the parking lot after leaving the store and was standing near the back of the car loading groceries with her purse on her shoulder. Police said a SUV driven by 33-year-old Corey Bowman…. drove up next to Simmons, got partly out of the vehicle, grabbed her purse and began pulling on it.”

Simmons told the story and stated, “As he was grabbing, I was pulling, and then the blows started flying.”  He daughter-in-law heard the commotion and came over.  Simmons and the suspect were still fighting over the purse.  Simmons stated that Bowman saw her daughter-in-law and “quickly put his other leg back in the car and sped off around the back of Rowe’s.”

After the attempted purse snatching, “Simmons’ daughter-in-law called 911, and police also said a teenage witness spoke up and gave police the description of the suspect vehicle. They said the description was put out to all units, and an officer spotted a SUV matching the description at Catoma Street and Timuquana Road. The vehicle was stopped and the suspect was later positively identified by the victim and witness.”

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department has alleged “Bowman targeted another victim earlier that day and pulled a purse off a woman riding a bicycle on 105th Street, breaking the straps.”  The news article stated “Bowman was arrested and booked into the Duval County jail.”  However, it does not state if he was charged with one robbery or two.  Simmons’ attempted robbery would certainly be a strong arm robbery due to the struggle.  As for the suspected robbery, it may be a robbery by sudden snatching, depending on the facts of the case.

Bowman should not talk to the police.  He needs to speak to a Jacksonville criminal lawyer about this.  He should not talk on the jail phones.  His Jacksonville criminal attorney will be able to visit him and speak to him confidentially.  I believe that detectives will try to speak with him about the other robbery if they have not already.  He should talk to a Jacksonville lawyer first.

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