Lottery to Win Seats to Florida Zimmerman Trial

It appears that the George Zimmerman case will be coming to an end.  Trayvon Martin’s murder trial will begin on June 10.  There are several reasons why people would want to attend this criminal trial.  It is a high profile case.  There are racial undertones that have attracted national controversy.  The case has also drawn attention to the Florida stand your ground law.  It has caused debates about gun laws and self defense in Florida.

Jacksonville criminal lawyers have been following the case.  Although the murder did not occur in Duval County FL, Jacksonville criminal attorneys have a connection to the case.  The Duval County State Attorney’s Office will be prosecuting the case.  Read Jacksonville State Attorney Office to Prosecute Florida Self-Defense Case for more information about Angela Corey’s special appointment.  Duval County attorneys and Florida criminal lawyers are not the only ones drawn to the case.   Florida residents would like to watch the case and are interested in the outcome.  Like most high profile and controversial cases, there is not enough room in the courtroom for everyone that would like to attend the trial.  The court has come up with a solution.  Channel 4 News in Jacksonville reported:

“Members of the general public who wish to attend the State vs. Zimmerman trial beginning June 10 can enter a lottery for one of the 24 available seats in the courtroom. The Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court said it will accept applications for a random drawing at the Supervisor of Elections Office at 1500 E. Airport Boulevard in Sanford, Monday through Friday, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Those interested in entering, according to the Court’s released statement, must submit their name and phone number at the elections office, one day prior to the court date they wish to attend. The Court says those who are selected will be notified by phone and given instructions for picking up their visitor pass at the courthouse the following morning. Photo ID will be required. The trial will be held at the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center, located at 101 Bush Boulevard in Sanford. The first drawing will be held on Friday, June 7, for the first day of jury selection on Monday, June 10.”

Although there is a lottery to select the few people that will be able to watch the trial, there will be surrounding the building.  The national and local media will be present.  There will be people there to show support for Zimmerman.  There will be people there to support Martin’s family.  The jury may determine that Zimmerman is guilty or not guilty, but this will not resolve things for everyone.  Those that believe that Zimmerman acted in self defense will oppose a guilty verdict.  If Zimmerman is found guilty, he will surely appeal the verdict.  If he is found not guilty, people that believe he murdered Martin will find the verdict unjust.  This could lead to riots.

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