What is the Fastest Way to Expunge a Criminal Record in FL?

Florida Criminal Record Lawyer

In a hurry to seal or expunge your record? Why are you waiting any longer?

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer that expunges records, I receive calls almost everyday from people that want to pass a background check.  They want to expunge their Florida criminal records right now.  It is not going to happen.  There is a process involved if you want to expunge or seal your Florida record.  This is a lengthy process with steps that you must take if you want to clear your Florida criminal background.  If you miss a step, it will take even longer.

You cannot expedite your record seal or expunction.  You must go through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, also known as the FDLE.  If you want to have your record expunged, you need to go through the state attorney’s office first.

The fastest way to seal or expunge a record is to do it right the first time.  Imagine that you have a Jacksonville petit theft arrest that shows up when someone runs a background check on you.  You are going to be graduating from college soon.  You decide that you want to expunge your FL record before graduation.  You want to do this before you enter the work force.  You send in your information to the FDLE.  Over six months later, you receive a letter from the FDLE.  It states that your application has not been processed, because it lacked certain documentation.  It is going to take even longer to finish your Florida record seal.

The FDLE is not your final step in the record sealing process.  The FDLE gives you the key to get into court.  You need a certificate of eligibility to even ask the court to seal or expunge your Florida record.  It takes several months for the FDLE to send back the certificate of eligibility.  You need to make sure that everything that you send to the court is in order.  You should also follow up on your record seal or expunction.  I have seen people miss a step in the application process, just to learn a year later that their records were never properly sealed.

While there is no express lane for a record seal, you can make the process go by faster by making sure that everything is done correctly.  You can hire a Jacksonville criminal attorney with experience sealing records ranging from Florida cocaine possession to Jacksonville grand theft as an employee.  You may need to expunge a record that has been creating problems for you, such as Jacksonville domestic battery.  It is best to get started now.   That way, your record seal is finished when you are applying for a job or for colleges.  Even if you have a Florida juvenile delinquent record, you may want to seal or expunge your record.  Your Jacksonville juvenile lawyer may have had the charges dropped years ago, but it could still show up on your record.

Contact 20 Miles Law to talk to a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer about your background.  You may call 904-564-2525 or send an email (Contact Lawyers).

About Cynthia, 20 Miles Law

Cynthia Veintemillas

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Cynthia Veintemillas Photo

Cynthia Veintemillas is an experienced Florida attorney. She began her legal career at the public defender’s office in Jacksonville, Florida. Her primary practice fields include criminal defense, litigation, and family law. She has also represented many people facing foreclosure in Duval County, Clay County, and St. Johns County, Florida.

Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice

  • Florida, 2006
  • South Carolina, 2007
  • Middle District of Florida, 2009

Professional & Bar Association Memberships

  • Florida Bar 
Member Since: 2006
  • South Carolina 
Member Since: 2007
  • Jacksonville Bar 
Member Since: 2008
  • Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers


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