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Second Video Surfaces of Jacksonville Beach Fight

Another video surfaced showing one of the fights that occurred in Jacksonville Beach on Memorial Day.  Like first video, it shows battery and fighting in Jacksonville Beach during the Memorial Day brawl.  This has caused concern for many residents in the Jax Beach area.  This includes Atlantic and Neptune Beach and Ponte Vedra.  When you watch these videos, you can see multiple people fighting.  For the mutual combat situations, this is considered fighting.  Those people may be charged with Jacksonville affray.  In the situations where one person is attacking another, this is Jacksonville simple battery.  If the injuries are serious or a deadly weapon was involved, this could be Jacksonville aggravated battery.  I am sure that some people acted in self defense.  They may have been attacked and tried to fight back. With the Florida Stand Your Ground Law, there is no duty to retreat if you are in a place that you are lawfully permitted to be.  If they are approached by police, they should speak to a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney about the self defense laws in Florida.

After the second video surfaced, the Jacksonville Beach Police Department “[released] more details on their ongoing investigation. 

According to a release from the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, officers responded at approximately to the 500 block of the Boardwalk at 7:18 p.m. and found multiple subjects fighting in the sand dunes. When police arrived, the people on the dunes fled the area heading southbound, the release detailed.

 JBPD believes the subjects went to the Latham Plaza area and began another fight.

 Several minutes later another call was received by one of the alleged victim’s mother stating she needed rescue for her son at McDonald’s. JBPD said rescue personnel and police were dispatched to McDonald’s and arrived in approximately three minutes. However, according to police, they were unable to locate the reported injured person.

 Approximately an hour after the original incident occurred, JBPD received a call from an employee at Memorial Hospital Emergency Room claiming they had two patients who sought medical attention at their facility and claimed they were assaulted at the Pier in Jacksonville Beach.

 According to the release, the injuries were classified as non-life threatening and an officer was dispatched to their location.”  Go to First Coast News Jax to watch the second video.

The Florida Times Union gave additional information about complaints from one of the victims’ mothers.  The articles reported:

“The news release follows comments from the mother of Anthony Jones, the main fight victim seen on a bystander’s videotape, about the lack of police at the scene and the slow response when she learned he had been injured. Stephanie West told WOKV News that her son needed treatment in a hospital after he was beaten and kicked.  West told WOKV the fight started between her son’s friend and members of a gang she called the ‘Twelve Hundred Boys’ from the city’s Eastside. When she called police after learning he had been taken to a fast-food restaurant, she said she got there from Arlington before they did.”

The police are contacting victims of the batteries, but have not received much cooperation.  Often, victims do not cooperate because they are in fear or retaliation or of being arrested.  They can always speak with a Jacksonville lawyer first before talking to police.  This does not mean they are guilty.  They may just be scared, because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  There are obviously many culprits that are guilty of the crimes that occurred on Memorial Day, but there are some that are not.

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