Do I have a FL Criminal Record if I Completed Diversion?

Jacksonville FL Criminal Record

Who saw my criminal record in Florida!!!

If you were arrested for a crime in Florida, there is a record of it.  Even if your charges were dropped, there is still a record.  If you have a Jacksonville juvenile delinquent arrest, the record is not automatically shredded.  You still need to take steps to expunge your Florida criminal record.   Whether you have an Jacksonville juvenile or adult arrest, there is paperwork that shows it.

Some people are not arrested when they have been accused of committing a crime.  For criminal Jacksonville traffic tickets and misdemeanors, the police officer may issue a citation.  This is called a Notice to Appear.  Once you receive it, you must set a court date or have your Jacksonville criminal lawyer set the court date for you.  Either way, there is a record of this notice to appear.   The notice to appear will show up on a Florida background check.  Sometimes, it looks like an arrest on your background check.

If you are arrested for a minor charge and you have no record, you may be eligible for a Duval County diversion program.  Jacksonville criminal attorneys will normally discuss the pre-trial diversion option with the state attorney, because it could lead to your case being dismissed.  If you successfully complete a pretrial diversion program, the assistant state attorneys will normally keep their end of the bargain and decline to prosecute the case.  You would think that if the state attorneys office never filed the charges then you would not have a criminal record.  Think again.  The case will still show up during a background check unless you seal or expunge your criminal record.

If your case was dropped after diversion, you are eligible to expunge your Florida record.  You will not seal your Florida criminal record, because you will be expunging it instead.  This means that you will be able to erase that Jacksonville petit theft case that employers see when they are doing a background check.  You will be able to remove the Jacksonville possession of drug paraphernalia case before going to college.  It is a long process, so you should get started soon.  Contact 20 Miles Law to talk to a Jacksonville lawyer about clearing your FL record.  You may call 904-564-2525.

You should understand that expunging a record would stop most people from seeing it.  Once you seal or expunge your record, you are legally able to deny the arrest.  There are only a few agencies that are an exception to this rule.   Read Can People See My Florida Record After it is Sealed or Expunged on the Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer website for a list of those entities.  You should also refer to the original Florida law about record expungments.  This is Florida Statute Section 943.0585.

If you would like to know if you are eligible for a record expungment, send and email to Contact Lawyers.

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