Child Questioned for Jacksonville Hit and Run Car Accident

Jacksonville Hit and Run Accident

Hit and Run Car Accident at Arlington Middle School injures 3 children and one child is questioned.

When Jacksonville criminal lawyers represent people for hit and run charges, the client or defendant is usually an adult.  Sometimes, Jacksonville lawyers represent teenage drivers that were involved in car accidents and left the scene.  People often leave the scene of an accident due to fear.  For instance, teenagers may be afraid that their parents will find out about the car accident.  As for adults, I have represented people that have left the scene of an accident for several reasons.  Some people did not realize that they hit another vehicle.  A driver may bump into another car accidentally in a parking lot.  The driver gets out of the car to inspect and sees no damage, so he or she leaves.  The person did not intentionally leave the scene of an accident, because he or she did not know there was damage.  Some drivers do leave the scene of an accident, because they have suspended Florida drivers licenses.  The person may end up being charged with Jacksonville driving on a suspended license.  The person may be a Florida habitual traffic offender.  If so, he or she could be arrested for a felony crime.

I recently read about a Jacksonville hit and run case.  It occurred in Duval County FL. News4jax reported, “A 13-year-old girl was questioned at school Monday following a hit-and-run crash in which three children were hurt in Arlington.”  This occurred yesterday morning near Arlington Middle School.  Four children were walking on the sidewalk in front of the school when a SUV hit them.  The news article stated:

“An investigator at the scene initially said the teen’s mother’s boyfriend was with the girl while she was driving. But witnesses told police the man was driving. Police are now trying to determine who was behind the wheel.  They said the driver lost control, drove onto a sidewalk on Lone Star Road and hit four children, three of which were hospitalized with minor injuries. The fourth was not hurt…. The vehicle that hit the children initially stopped at the scene, then drove off.

According to the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office, “the girl’s mother’s boyfriend dropped her off at a park, and she walked to school and turned herself in.”  Her mother was with her during the questioning.  The article did not state that she had a Jacksonville juvenile attorney present, so I am assuming one was not there.  The child is looking at possible Jacksonville juvenile delinquent charges.  “The teen could be charged with four counts of felony hit-and-run.”

“Officers said Monday afternoon they were still looking for the man and a white SUV involved in the crash.”  Police should not have a problem finding the boyfriend considering they have access to the child and the mother.

The parents of Arlington Middle School students are not surprise that a car accident occurred.  Many of them foresaw that children could be injured near the school.  The parents have always believe that the area was dangerous.  An area resident and parent stated, “There is no traffic light. Cars are just going to keep going….. They don’t stop. That’s what they do when they come from this way. They don’t stop. They don’t even slow down. They just keep going.”

The child and her mother should consider discussing this case confidentially with a Jacksonville criminal lawyer.  The boyfriend will likely need a separate Jacksonville attorney due to a possible conflict of interest.

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Cynthia Veintemillas

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Cynthia Veintemillas is an experienced Florida attorney. She began her legal career at the public defender’s office in Jacksonville, Florida. Her primary practice fields include criminal defense, litigation, and family law. She has also represented many people facing foreclosure in Duval County, Clay County, and St. Johns County, Florida.

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Child Questioned for Jacksonville Hit and Run Car Accident — 42 Comments

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