Jacksonville Juvenile Criminal Charges for Aggravated Battery

Florida Juvenile Criminal Charges

Teenagers suspected of aggravated battery and possible gang activity in Jacksonville FL.

In my career as a Jacksonville criminal attorney, I have learned that children and adults are different in more ways than one.  When you have a juvenile criminal case, you have to approach as a Florida juvenile attorney.  Sometimes this means taking a different approach than you would with an adult.  Teenagers tend to make decisions based on peer pressure.  Children do not think things out the way adults do.  They do not use the same logic.  They are more likely to act on impulse.  Think about it.  Do you make the same decisions now that you did when you were 16 years old?

Imagine a boy is arrested for Jacksonville possession or marijuana or a Florida drug paraphernalia charge.  Just because the teenager tried drugs as a teenager, does not mean that he will be a drug attack.  The problem needs to be addressed, but the teen does not deserve to be haunted by a Florida criminal record later in life.  What about a girl that is given a criminal ticket for shoplifting in Jacksonville FL?  She was caught taking items that her friends gave her to carry.  She is facing Jacksonville theft charges.  These are not unusual scenarios.  As a Jacksonville juvenile lawyer, I see these problems often.  It does not mean that the child is a criminal.  The child just made a bad decision or was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Teenagers are also new drivers.  Most adults are scared when they are in a car accident.  It is even worse for teen drivers.  A Florida speeding ticket is scary enough for a child.  If a child hits a parked car, he or she may leave the scene of an accident.  He or she was scared.  This could result in Jacksonville hit and run charges.  This does not mean that this is in the child’s character.  Impulse took over.

The worse the juvenile criminal charge, the harder the courts will be on the child.  I read an article about teenagers coming Jacksonville aggravated battery.  The police are looking for a group of teenagers that have been suspect of committing three attacks.  This is a very serious accusation.  The Florida Times Union reported:

“A 33-year-old man attacked from behind by a group of teenagers Friday was as least the third victim in a series of similar attacks that day in Northwest Jacksonville, police said Tuesday. The victim said after he passed a group of eight to 10 youths as he walked along the 8900 block of Lem Turner Road, he heard footsteps running up behind him…. The man called police, who showed up in two minutes after the 9:30 p.m. assault and said a similar attack had just occurred on a 63-year-old man blocks away…. Police link the two attacks to a third Friday morning involving a 56-year-old white man who told police he was jumped in the 2100 block of Soutel Drive by a group of young black males who came up from behind.”

This may be gang activity.  If teenagers are accused of these Jacksonville battery crimes, they need to speak with a Jacksonville criminal lawyer.  They have constitutional rights that need to be protected.  Some of the children may be accused of the crime even though they were not involved in the actual attack.  They have the right to have their case presented by a Jacksonville lawyer.

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