Florida Habitual Traffic Offender Suspended Drivers License

Florida Suspended Drivers License

FL License Suspended for 5 years? Call 904-564-2525 to talk to a lawyer.

I was waiting in court this morning for a Jacksonville Leaving the Scene of an Accident case.  There were people there charged with a variety of misdemeanor offenses.  People seem to think that it is minor, but it is not.  This is how the criminal traffic citation system works.  When your Jacksonville lawyer sets a court date for your Duval County criminal citation, the case first starts in criminal traffic court.  You may have been issued a ticket for several different things.  This ranges for Jacksonville petit theft to Jacksonville driving on a suspended license knowingly.  Criminal traffic court is different from civil traffic court.  When your Jacksonville Florida attorney sets a court date on a noncriminal Florida traffic citation, your case goes to a hearing officer.

Criminal citations show up on your Florida criminal record even if you were not arrested.  If you are adjudicated guilty of a criminal ticket, you will be convicted of the crime.  A civil ticket will not result in a criminal conviction, but could hurt you in the future.  If you are adjudicated guilty of a Jacksonville traffic ticket, this is a moving violation.  This will put points on your drivers license.  This may cause a Florida drivers license suspension.  It may also cause your car insurance rates to increase.

A civil traffic ticket may lead to a criminal Florida ticket.    A good example of this is a driving while having a suspended or revoked license charge.  Imagine that you are stopped for driving on a suspended license without knowledge.  It is a civil traffic ticket.  You do not hire a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer.  Instead, you pay the ticket.  You still have a suspended Florida drivers license.  You are caught driving again.  This time, you are given a criminal notice to appear citation.  You do not hire a Jacksonville criminal attorney.  You go to court alone.  The judge gives you court costs and you leave.  You pick up another driving while having a revoked or suspended license charge.  You are convicted of the crime.  You later receive a letter in the mail informing you that your drivers license is going to be suspended as a Florida habitual traffic offender.  This is also known as HTO.  Your license is being suspended for 5 years as HTO.  If you are caught driving, you could be arrested for a felony.

You never had a bad criminal record before, but your drivers license is messing things up.  You need to fix this.  You cannot be a FL habitual traffic offender.  You try paying all of your outstanding court costs and Florida speeding tickets, but it is too late.  You still are a habitual traffic offender.  It is not too late to get your drivers license in order.  Contact 20 Miles Law and talk to Jacksonville criminal lawyer about getting your FL drivers license back.  You may call 904-564-2525 or send and email by clicking on Contact Lawyers.

About Cynthia, 20 Miles Law

Cynthia Veintemillas

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Cynthia Veintemillas Photo

Cynthia Veintemillas is an experienced Florida attorney. She began her legal career at the public defender’s office in Jacksonville, Florida. Her primary practice fields include criminal defense, litigation, and family law. She has also represented many people facing foreclosure in Duval County, Clay County, and St. Johns County, Florida.

Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice

  • Florida, 2006
  • South Carolina, 2007
  • Middle District of Florida, 2009

Professional & Bar Association Memberships

  • Florida Bar 
Member Since: 2006
  • South Carolina 
Member Since: 2007
  • Jacksonville Bar 
Member Since: 2008
  • Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers


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