Clay County FL Teacher Arrested for Cocaine Possession

Drug arrests at schools are not uncommon.  In most cases, the school grounds are subjected to random drug searches.  Police may find marijuana during the process.  Then, a student is charged with Florida marijuana possession charges.  If the police find certain pills, the child may be charged with possession of a controlled substance possession.  Rarely do you see a teacher arrested for Florida drug charges while at a school.

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23 year old teacher arrested in Clay County FL

In Clay County Florida, Ashlea Eucker is a fifth-grade teacher at Plantation Oaks Elementary School.  She was arrested yesterday for possession of cocaine.  She was also arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.  Florida cocaine possession is a third degree felony.  Florida paraphernalia possession is a first degree misdemeanor.

According to First Coast News of Jacksonville:

“Eucker was meeting with school administrators when the cocaine was discovered in her purse, according to CCSO spokesperson Mary Justino.  A school counselor offered to retrieve Eucker’s purse from her classroom so she could go home, according to the arrest report.

Eucker told the counselor it was in her desk drawer and asked that her purse be zipped up.

While trying to zip the purse up, the counselor saw a small bag of white powder and a straw sticking out, the arrest report stated.”

Based upon the First Coast News report, I do not think that people can say that Eucker is guilty of drug possession.  It appears that Eucker leaves her purse in the classroom often.  She leaves her purse unsupervised.  Someone could have placed the drugs in her purse.  It would be more likely for a student to put drugs in a teacher’s purse in a high school classroom, but not in a fifth grade class.  What about the school counselor that retrieved the purse?  Why did that person volunteer to do so?  Did the counselor have a reason to put the cocaine in Eucker’s purse?  While the cocaine may have belonged to Eucker, it could have also been planted on her.  If Eucker did have cocaine at school, why would she leave her purse wide open with the cocaine in plain view?  Why would she tell another person to retrieve her purse from the classroom if she knew there was cocaine in it?  It does not make sense.

When Eucker hires a Clay County lawyer to defend her case, they will discuss the circumstances surrounding her arrest.  Her Clay County attorney will have access to written statements, reports, and other evidence that the State of Florida has against her.  We do not know if Eucker made a oral or written statement in this case.  Her Florida criminal lawyer will be able to look at the evidence and build a defense for her.

If the cocaine did belong to Eucker, she must avoid a felony conviction.  As a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer, the first things that I think about are to keep my clients out of jail and to protect their Florida criminal records.  It is best to take care of a case in a manner that will permit the clients to seal or expunge their Florida records later on.

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