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There are cases that cross over from basic Florida traffic tickets to criminal cases.  The most obvious example is driving under the influence in Jacksonville.  A Florida DUI charge is a criminal charge and a traffic citation.  As a Florida drivers license attorney and a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I run into more driving while your license is suspended or revoked tickets than drunk driving charges.  Jacksonville driving on a suspended license can be a criminal charge.  It is a felony if the driver is a Florida habitual traffic offender.

If you are given a Jacksonville traffic ticket for leaving the scene of an accident, this is not just a civil citation.  It is a criminal charge.  Your Jacksonville criminal attorney or yourself will need to set a court date.  It is not like a Florida speeding ticket.  You cannot just pay the ticket.  It is a crime that must be taken serious.  If you receive a ticket, this is known as a notice to appear.  The good news is that you are being charge with a misdemeanor and not a felony.  The bad news is that this is still a criminal charge that will show up on your Florida criminal record when someone runs a FL background check.

A hit and run charge will be a felony if there is more than property damage.  There are Jacksonville Hit and Run Laws After Leaving the Scene of a CrashFlorida Statute Section 316.061 is the law for leaving the scene of an accident with property damage.  It states that this is a second degree misdemeanor.  Florida Statute Section 316.027 is the law that applies when a driver leaves the scene of car crash that results in bodily injury or death.  This is a third degree felony unless the accident caused a death.  Then it is a first degree felony.

As you can tell, a hit and run crime can be very serious.  It could lead to a jail or prison sentence.  Leaving the scene of a crash occurs more often than you think.  Last summer, I remember writing a few articles on my Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer website (See Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer for Hit and Run Accident).  It seemed as if there were a lot of leaving the scene of an accident cases occurring at that time.

There appears to be more accidents in the news again.  I read an article today.  A man was killed in Orange Park today after a Clay County hit and run crash.  He was riding his bicycle when a vehicle struck him on Wells Rd.  The article stated:

“The crash happened shortly after midnight on Wells Road near the Orange Park Mall. The bicyclist was identified as 65-year-old Jean Lionel Siyon of Orange Park.  A dark pickup truck was traveling east on Wells in the right lane and Siyon was ahead of the vehicle, also in the right, eastbound lane, according to the FHP report. The vehicle hit Siyon and left the scene.  Siyon died at the scene.” (

The Florida Highway Patrol and Clay County Sheriffs Office will be looking for this truck.  This driver will need to speak with a Clay County attorney about his or her case as soon as possible.  Leaving the scene of an accident is dangerous, because you do not know what is going to happen after you leave.  What if the person would have survived if he had received immediate medical help?  The Clay County State Attorney will prosecute this.  The accused driver will need to defend this case to the fullest.

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