Jacksonville Lawyer Guilty or Innocent in Duval County Scandal?

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Does scandal involving one FL lawyer taint the image of another attorney?

Why can’t I stop writing out this topic?  Why can’t I look away and ignore this scandal?  Why do I click on every web article that mentions Jacksonville Fraternal Order of Police president Nelson Cuba?  Why can’t I stop reading about Jacksonville lawyer Kelly Mathis?  I guess that it is just human nature.  The Allied Veterans of the World racketeering bust seems like the biggest scandal to hit Jacksonville FL.  It probably isn’t the biggest scandal, but it feels like it.  Why?  Maybe it is because it involves a Duval County attorney and police officers.  As a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney, I am already interested in crimes and arrests in Northeast Florida.  That’s my job.  That’s what I do every day.  In my career as a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I interact with police officers on a daily basis.  The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and the Fraternal Order of Police run law enforcement in this city.  Most criminal cases that Jacksonville lawyers have start with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.  A person has to be arrested or given a notice to appear to initiate the criminal case.  Who do you think does that?  The police.  In Duval County, it is the Atlantic Beach police department, the Jacksonville Beach police department, or the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.    The Fraternal Order of Police is also a big part of the criminal justice system in Duval County FL.  During local elections, Jacksonville attorneys are watching to see which judicial candidate the Fraternal Order of Police will endorse.  We want to know which candidate the organization is endorsing for Duval County State Attorney and Public Defender.  With an organization having so much influence in our lives, it hurts when we see scandal associated with it.  We want to know how this happened.  We want to know how far this goes.  We want to know who is the mastermind behind it.

Action News published an article last night about the Allied Veterans scandal.  It was about the Kelly Mathis.  He is the local attorney that is accused of being the mastermind behind the racketeering and fraud.  Mathis denied being the mastermind in a recent interview.  The article stated:

“Mathis did an interview Wednesday with the Associated Press. He claims he was just the registered agent, which is a person who gets important legal and tax documents for a company. Mathis told the AP, ‘There is no connection. They’re trying to force a connection and that’s all they’ve got, is to say that I was the registered agent, that I had some relationship to all of these companies.'”

The Action News reporter spoke with a local attorney, she stated:

“Mathis’ name appears over and over in the documents. He has even done interviews in the past, speaking on behalf of the organization. ‘He’s the registered agent of all companies. That’d be an outrageous coincidence. He’s gone one step further and filed lawsuits, done speeches. He’s the face of the company.”

The saddest part of all of this is the lost trust.  As children, we are taught to look up to police officers.  They protect us.  They are respectable men and women that put their lives on the line everyday to keep the community safe.  When you are in trouble, the first people that you call are the police.  When I was a child, it seems like a big deal to grow up to be a doctor or a lawyer.  It was something that you worked for and aspired.  Jacksonville Florida attorneys have a career that allows them to be educated and successful as they help other people with their problems.  When scandals like the Allied Veterans scam occurs, it hurts respected professions.  It causes the community to loose faith.   Jacksonville lawyers and police officers must move forward and show the community that what is portrayed in the media is the exception.  The reason that it is broadcasted is because it does not happen every day.  That is why it is so hard to ignore.  That is why we cannot stop reading about it and discussing it.  This does not happen every day, because this is not what police officers and lawyers do.

If you read this article and you do not know about the scandal, I have written a few articles on this website and my Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer site.  Get caught up.  Read Jacksonville Arrest for Fraternal Order of Police President and Jacksonville Police Officers Fund Affected By Criminal Charges.

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