What is the Fastest Way to Expunge a FL Criminal Record?

Seal FL Criminal Record

Going to college? Consider sealing or expunging your record before graduation.

I am a Jacksonville criminal lawyer that seals and expunges records.  I receive calls every day from people that want to seal or expunge their Florida records.  They want to know “How Can I Clear a Florida Background Check?”  This normally occurs when a person is looking for a new job.  In some cases, people are unemployed and actively job searching.  In other cases, they already have a job, but would like a new one.  Even if the interview process goes well, you still need to go through a Florida background check.  If you do not pass the background check, you may not be hired.  Some people will wait until this happens before sealing or expunging their records.  This does not make sense.

How long do you think it takes to expunge a Florida criminal record?  How fast can your Jacksonville criminal attorney seal your Florida record?  It takes months to go through the sealing and expunging process.   This is why you should get started immediately.  It will take approximately 6 months.  I have been doing this for years.  I have noticed that it is taking longer and longer.  This may be due to an increase in Jacksonville record seal requests.  It may be due to budget cuts at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).  I wrote an article on my Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer website in October of last year.  It was called How Long Will It Take to Seal or Expunge My Florida Record, and I stated:

“It takes time to erase a criminal charge from your record in Duval, Clay, Nassau, St. Johns, or other counties in Florida.  On average, it takes 4 – 6 months.  A couple of years ago, it only took about 4 months for me to seal or expunge a Florida record.  In the past year, it has been taking longer.  I usually tell my clients to expect it to take around 5 months.  This is because the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) is backed up.  It is taking the FDLE longer to issue the certificate of eligibility, which is one of the first steps in the process to clear your record.”

Only 4 months later, I am writing this article stating that it will take approximately 6 months to seal or expunge your record in Florida.  It has been taking that long for Duval, Clay, and St. Johns County.  It appears that this is occurring all over the state.  I called the FDLE today.  I was calling to check up on pending applications.  I was told that they are still working on September applications.  I cannot believe it.

I have cases that need to be closed, such as college students.  Graduation is right around the corner.  People will be leaving universities and colleges to start their careers.  There are students that want to send out resumes and applications.  They need their records erased.  If you plan on graduating within a year, you should consider having your record sealed or expunged.  You may be looking for an internship or externship.  Erasing an arrest from your FL background may help your chances in the job market.  If you wait until you are applying for jobs or internships, it may be too late.  Students often want their records sealed or expunged before they fill out their applications and send out resumes.

If you have any questions about sealing or expunging your record, call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 to talk to a Jacksonville FL attorney.  It is a good idea to hire a Jacksonville lawyer to clear your Florida background.  It takes long enough for someone that knows what they are doing to expunge or seal your record.  It will take even longer if someone messes up the process.

About Cynthia, 20 Miles Law

Cynthia Veintemillas

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Cynthia Veintemillas is an experienced Florida attorney. She began her legal career at the public defender’s office in Jacksonville, Florida. Her primary practice fields include criminal defense, litigation, and family law. She has also represented many people facing foreclosure in Duval County, Clay County, and St. Johns County, Florida.

Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice

  • Florida, 2006
  • South Carolina, 2007
  • Middle District of Florida, 2009

Professional & Bar Association Memberships

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  • Jacksonville Bar 
Member Since: 2008
  • Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers


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