St. Augustine Boys Arrested Again for Juvenile Car Theft

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Another St. Augustine juvenile arrest for stealing a car

Approximately two weeks ago, I wrote an article on my Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers blog page about two boys that were arrested in St. Johns County.  The article is titled St. Johns County Juvenile Charges after St. Augustine Car Crash.  The two boys were only 12 and 14-years-old.  On January 22, they were arrested in St. Johns County after being accused of stealing a Nissan Pathfinder from the North Orange Street area.   The Florida Times Union reported:

“In the Jan. 22 crash, authorities said the 12-year-old was the driver in a stolen Nissan Pathfinder with his buddy the passenger. He was traveling too fast to make the turn at Holmes Boulevard from Florida 207 and sideswiped a Volkswagen.  Police had been chasing the stolen Nissan when the crash happened and apprehended the boys. The two juveniles and the driver of the car that was hit suffered minor injuries.”

The boys must have been released from custody in St. Johns County.  When a St. Johns County attorney has a juvenile case, she looks at the juvenile score sheet to see what factors are being used to determine if the child will be released.  Sometimes, the child will be sentenced to home detention.  In more serious and violent cases, the child is kept in secured detention in the juvenile facility.  This will depend on the score sheet.  If a child has prior criminal charges, this will be taken into account on the score sheet.  As far as I know, the two boys in this St. Augustine juvenile case did not have any priors, but this information is private.

The boys may not remain out of custody.  They were arrested again for similar illegal activity.  It looks like they picked up new juvenile charges in St. Johns County FL. The “two St. Johns County juveniles repeated the crime less than two weeks later.”  The 12-year old boy was not driving in this case.  The Florida Times Union reported:

“The two switched roles this time, with the 14-year-old driving and the 12-year-old a passenger, when they ran a stop sign in a stolen Toyota Corolla and were hit by an oncoming car on Butler Avenue west of St. Augustine. No one was hurt in the crash but the two ran from the scene.  They were picked up later by the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.”

As a Jacksonville juvenile lawyer, I have represented many children charged with crimes.  Some were arrested for Jacksonville burglary crimes.  Others were dealing with a Florida probation violation case.  Florida theft cases are common juvenile crimes.  This includes Jacksonville grand theft and Florida petit theftFlorida drug charges are also common crimes among teenagers.   I have fought a lot of Florida possession of marijuana or more serious drug charges for juveniles in Northeast Florida.  It is not uncommon to see a child or teenager make a mistake.  Stealing and using alcohol or drugs are things that children try.  It is normal.  It is important that they make it through their criminal case and are able to seal or expunge their Florida records.

Many children make it through their criminal case.  They seal or expunge their Florida criminal records.  They never commit another crime.  Others get in trouble again.  This does not mean that they are bad children.  It does make it more difficult for a Jacksonville criminal lawyer to fight the case.  It also makes it more difficult to expunge or seal the criminal record.  It is not usual for a teenager to reoffend.  It is unusual for the child to be arrested just two weeks later.  They will need a Jacksonville lawyer that will not only help them stay out of jail.  They need someone that can help them into a counseling program to address the issues to stop this from happening.  They are messing with their futures.  They are creating a criminal record.  They are also damaging their chances of obtaining a Florida drivers license.

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