Nassau County FL Teacher Helps Child Come Back to School

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Northeast FL teacher helps child fit in.

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I have represented a wide variety of clients in criminal court.  There is no set age for a criminal defendant.  It may range from a child to a grandparent.   My favorite role is as a Jacksonville juvenile lawyer.   It is nice to see children succeed.  It is not easy for children today.  They are confronted with different types of drugs.  I have seen teenagers on juvenile probation for Jacksonville drug paraphernalia possession.  They end up with a Jacksonville probation violation, because they tried synthetic weed while on probation.  This is referred to as K-2 or Skunk.  Teenagers believe that it is “legal bud” that will not hurt them based upon what their friends are telling them.

Going to school is different for children.  There was a time when a school fight would land a student in the principal’s office.  They would be suspended from school.  Now, children are arrested for Jacksonville fighting or affray charges.  They end up needing to clear their Florida criminal background by expunging the Florida record.  Bullying is out of control.  Children now have cell phones and Facebook accounts.  When we were children, the bullying would stop when you left school.  Now, children receive text messages and Facebook posts harassing them.  Can you imagine being charged with Jacksonville simple battery for pushing back when another kid will not stop bullying you?  While it is not okay to fight, it is hard to get mad at a child for fighting back.

We also hear on the news about Jacksonville juvenile delinquents committing crimes.  I have written articles on my Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer blog about these arrests such as St. Johns County Juvenile Charges after St. Augustine Car Crash and St. Johns County Juvenile and Drug Arrest in Ponte Vedra.  While it seems like there is negativity associated with juveniles and the school system, there are a lot of positive things occurring.   For example, News4jax published an excellent article about a Nassau County school teacher:

“A kindergarten teacher at Callahan Elementary School‘s small gesture made a world of difference for one of her students.  Six-year-old Brantley Rogers severely injured his eye last week and was nervous about returning to class with an eye patch…. But his teacher taught the class to embrace Brantley in a special way.  Brantley has to wear an eye patch for at least three months. His classmates are by his side and Brantley’s teacher, Mrs. Brown, made eye patches for the class to wear the day Brantley returned.  ‘We start the beginning of the year talking about we’re all different,’ Brown said. ‘We all have differences. Different things we like and that we should accept people for that all the time.'”

Brantley was worried about what his friends would think about him and just wanted to be normal.  He was afraid of the other kids making fun of him.  “Those worries were quickly eased as Mrs. Brown arranged for the class to wear eye patches, just like Brantley, on his first day back…. Brantley’s mom said the feeling he got when seeing all of his classmates were on his side was special and far reaching.

This teacher has done more than make a difference for her students and school.  She is a good example of a strong and successful woman in the community.  She thinks outside of the box.  She went above and beyond her job duties to make a child’s life much better.  Just like there are Women Lawyers in Jacksonville Florida that set a good example for young women in the legal profession, Ms. Brown has set an example for the other teachers and staff in Nassau County FL.

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