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Call Now (904) 565-2525

Call Now (904) 564-2525

Criminal Defense
Florida Traffic Tickets/ DUIs
Expunge/ Seal Florida Criminal Records

20 Miles Law combines extensive litigation experience, legal intelligence, and negotiation skills with not only, strength and determination, but also with the compassion that clients deserve.  A Jacksonville Florida Lawyer, Cynthia Veintemillas listens to her clients to achieve the best results for each individual  case.  Sometimes, it is best for your lawyer to work the case out and negotiate a disposition instead of pushing the case further into litigation.  On the other hand, your Attorney may need to aggressively push your case in order to force a better result and outcome in the case.  Your attorney should be strong and refuse to stop fighting for what is right and just.  In some situations, Jacksonville Florida Lawyers need to know that the pressures of trial and litigation can take a toll on a client.  Therefore, working out a favorable outcome in the case before trial and litigation may be better for the client in the end.


20 Miles Law | Jacksonville Lawyers and Attorneys | Florida Law Firm — 51 Comments

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