Jacksonville FL DUI Guilty Plea Refused by Duval County State Attorney

Jacksonville DUI AttorneyBrian Patterson has been accused of Jacksonville driving under the influence.  While a Jacksonville DUI charge is hardly front-page news, this driving under the influence case is different. Patterson has been accused of a driving under the influence while impaired back in August of 2012.  A Duval County warrant was issued for his arrest in October with a $15,000 bond.  He posted the $15,000 bond and was released from jail.  He still has to face his criminal charges in court.

Formal DUI charges were filed in misdemeanor court on November 6, 2012.  His Jacksonville DUI case was passed to December 3, 2012 for sentencing. Patterson “wanted to enter a plea Monday on a misdemeanor DUI charge in the case.”  The Duval County State Attorney’s Office would not agree to a plea agreement or plea bargain. “Prosecutors asked for the judge to hold off so they could gather more evidence, talk to more witnesses, and consider if they should and could upgrade to more serious charges. The judge gave them a two-week extension.”

Investigators say that Patterson was “driving through the parking lot when Greg Johnson started punching him through the window, moments after a disagreement.” Patterson’s Jacksonville lawyers stated that Taylor Evans “jumped on the hood of the truck, fell off and was run over.”  This occurred “in a parking lot near the Jacksonville Landing in August.”  Evans later died.  News4jax.com has supplied a lot of useful information to the public.  An article titled “Prosecutors stall Landing suspect’s guilty plea” references a Jacksonville hit and run.  I did not see anything with the Duval County formal DUI charges that shows that he fled the scene.  I am unsure if he was also charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

The Duval County State Attorneys office has not charged this driving under the influence crime as DUI manslaughter.  Assistant State Attorney Lee Smith stated, “You have to be able to prove causation, and you have to be able to prove certain elements of that crime…. And the way things are presented to us, as of right now, we believe we’ve filed the proper charge, which is DUI.”

Normally, Patterson would remain out of jail while awaiting the close of his Jacksonville driving under the influence case.  This case is different than most, because Patterson’s bond was revoked.  He started the Florida DUI case like any other.  He posted his bond through a bonding company.  He hired a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney.  This case is different, because he was arrested again after his release.  He was arrested in Baker County for another driving under the influence of alcohol charge.  He will need to face that drunk driving charge separately than the Duval County DUI charge. It is likely that he has a Florida suspended drivers license.  He may even also have a Florida driving on a suspended or revoked license charge in Baker County if his drivers license was suspended for the Duval County DUI arrest.  If he receives two DUI charges within five years, he is looking at his license being suspended for 5 years.  Please note that this is not the same as a five-year suspension for a Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender.  With the possibility of a felony DUI charge, I am sure that his Florida drivers license is the least of his worries.

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