Clay County FL Scheme to Defraud Suspect Has False Police Report Charges for Burglary

Florida Fraud and Grand Theft Arrest

Mary Ann McCall has been accused of taking thousands of dollars with a scheme to defraud and grand theft. She is also charged with lying to Clay County Police about a burglary.

Mary Ann McCall is a Clay County woman that is facing Florida fraud charges in the Jacksonville area.  The fraud charges are felonies which could lead to a FL prison sentence.  She is charged with second-degree felony Florida grand theft.  She has also been charged with scheme to defraud, a first-degree felony.  She has been “accused of faking cancer to swindle $100,000.”  She “went online for ‘love’, but detectives say she was really finding men to con.”  (Action News of Jacksonville FL)

According to Clay County detectives, “McCall conned at least 10 people–but likely more–into believing she had cancer. Detectives say she lied about having two different kinds of cancer. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office questioned McCall on Friday, December 7, when they searched her home in Fleming Island. Detectives say she confessed to lying and taking people’s money.”

There is more to this Florida fraud case.  Not only is Mary Ann McCall facing scheme to defraud charges, she has new Florida criminal charges pending in Clay County.  Action News reported, “On Wednesday morning, Mary Ann McCall went back before a Clay County judge. She’s already facing two counts of felony fraud for lying about cancer for money.”  She is being held on a $250,000 bond in the Clay County Jail.  Since being in jail, she has pick up a new charge related to an alleged burglary.

On my Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer blog, I wrote an article about burglary during the holidays (See Christmas Jacksonville Burglary and Theft to Home Gets Worse).  This time of year, Jacksonville criminal attorneys tend to see an increase in Jacksonville grand theft and burglary arrests.  As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I expect to see headlines about Florida theft crimes and Jacksonville driving under the influence cases this time of year.  However, I did not expect this turn in the McCall cancer fraud case.

It appears that McCall is caught up in a Clay County burglary case, but it is not because she is suspected of breaking into anyone’s house.  “According to Clay County detectives, a burglary report filed in June is bogus.”  They stated, “McCall filed an elaborate report complete with a 911 call, a staged break-in, and long list of high-dollar items authorities now say were never stolen.”  She has been charged with filing a false police report.  This is a misdemeanor crime under Florida Statute Section 837.05(1).  The Clay County Sheriff’s Office claims that they investigated this staged burglary for months, resulting in wasted tax money.

For this June burglary, McCall reported that many of her belongings were missing.  These items included: “a 60-inch TV, DVDs, video games, an iPad, $5,000 of jewelry, a $1,000 coin collection, thousands of dollars worth of narcotics, and two laptops.”  After initially reporting items missing, “McCall called detectives back a few weeks after her first call and then again in August to report more missing items.  This time, she claimed that her son’s $4,000 Samurai sword was stolen.  Detectives investigated her claims for months–and got nowhere.  Now, they say they know why. According to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, McCall’s former roommate confirmed to police that the items McCall reported stolen are still in her home.”  In 2008, MCall made two other burglary to a dwelling claims.  (Alleged Cancer Con Facing New Charges on Action News).

McCall should only talk to her Clay County lawyers about this case.  As a Jacksonville lawyer, I can say that those jail telephone calls really are recorded.  Whether you are being held in Clay County or Duval County, the State Attorney’s Office will use those calls against you.  Her best bet is to stay quiet and only discuss this case with her attorney.

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