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Clinton or Bush in 2016?

Most Jacksonville lawyers receive a paper called the “Daily Record.”  This is a local newspaper that is distributed to Duval County lawyers and Jacksonville attorneys.  It has interesting articles that affect Jacksonville criminal lawyers and other types of Florida attorneys.  I have had this newspaper sitting on my desk at my Jacksonville law office and thought that it was very interesting.  I decided to showcase it on this Jacksonville lawyers blog for others to see it.  The Friday after the election, the Daily Record reported on a very interesting topic.  The managing editor wrote about a possible presidential election between Clinton and Bush in 2016.  The article was not referring to Bill Clinton versus George Bush.  Instead, they mentioned the possibility of Hillary Clinton running against Florida’s own Jeb Bush.

In the article “Clinton vs. Bush in 2016,” the Daily Record reported:

“Politico, the online media company created five years ago to focus on politics and Washington, D.C., governance, is speculating that the 2016 presidential election could feature another round of Clinton versus Bush. This time, it could be Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush….’You could end up with Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in 2016,’ Politico Executive Editor and Co-Founder Jim VandeHei told about 375 business dealmakers Thursday at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.”

There were Nassau County attorneys affiliated with these business present at the meeting.  Amelia Island is located in Nassau County, Florida.  This was a meeting for the Association for Corporate Growth 2012 Florida Capital Connection.  The “participants included private equity executives, investment bankers, businesses, lawyers and others seeking and providing financing and merger assistance.”

Politico refers to Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state, as part of “the House of Clinton.”  This “House of Clinton” is led also by Bill Clinton, the former U.S. President.  Florida’s former governor, Jeb Bush is on the opposite side of the spectrum.  He is on the Republican side and is part of the “House of Bush.”  The “House of Bush” is led by former president George H.W. Bush, which is Jeb Bush’s father.  The “House of Bush” also includes Jeb Bush’s brother, former President George W. Bush.

The Daily Record stated that Politico reported:

“After barely falling short in 2008 and earning high marks and soaring approval ratings in four years as America’s top diplomat, she unambiguously has the strongest claim on being the next Democratic standard-bearer. If, and it is a big unknown, she wants another shot at the presidency.”

“Bush, were he to run, most likely wouldn’t clear the field in the way Clinton could. But his gravitas, fundraising capability, Florida roots and entree to Hispanics makes him the most formidable Republican on a sparkling roster of potential 2016 contenders.”

One of the most interesting observations about Politico’s report it that it stated that the 2012 presidential election was “the first presidential campaign since 1976 that didn’t feature a member of one of America’s most famous political families, and looks like it might be only a brief break from tradition.”  However, there may be a change back to a Clinton/Bush era.  It appears “that the same two families who dominated American politics for the previous decades may return to the fore after the Obama interregnum would be fitting in a country that purports to disregard dynasties but actually builds, enables and obsesses over its ruling clans.”

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